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Articles based on life enhancing lessons learned following the Spiritual Principles of Pushtimarg, the path of Grace shown by Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabhacharya

The Ego in Pushtimarg: Many a slip between the Cup and the Lip

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The Ego in Pushtimarg: The slip between the Cup and the Lip

In the dictionary of Pushtimarg, the opposite of LOVE isn’t hate, it’s EGO. Ego acts in opposition to the emotion of a Daas – servant. Prabhu Shri Krishna will never accept a jeev impure with conceit, for where there is ego, pure love cannot blossom.

During the summer holidays, I finally managed to persuade both my Betijis (daughters) to sit down for a game of “Saanp-Seedi” – part of an effort to convince them that entertainment could also be had from simple things that need not be plugged in. There was joy in stuff that did not have a digital screen attached. Keep Reading

Pushtimarg, the downpour of Grace

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Around a year back I landed in prison!

To put it correctly, I was invited to deliver a speech to the inmates of Bhavnagar jail. The day chosen was Jagadguru Shrimad Vallabhacharya Shri Mahaprabhuji’s Utsav.

So, after the early morning prabhat feri we were headed to the Krishna janma bhoomi as a person who received us at the prison referred to the place. On the way, one of the vaishnavs, an avid participant at most of my pravachans in Bhavnagar, was curious and a bit concerned too,

“Jeje, what will you speak about? The talk will surely have to be on very ordinary topics?”– The exact word he used was साधारण. For him, any subject besides Pushtimarg was pretty mundane and ordinary. Poor chap, he was apprehensive about my capacity to go beyond the very restricted repertoire of margiya subjects on which I usually speak.

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